What is Impact Gel?

Posted by Administrator on 2/18/2015

First of all…what is Impact Gel made from?  Impact Gel is a natural based green product derived from soy and other natural oils. Despite what you may think, the manufacturing process does not require the application of temperature or pressure change.  The substance undergoes a reaction whereby it is polymerized into one long, loosely cross-linked, flexible molecule that is folded back on itself many times. These sections can easily slide past each other but still remain connected thereby absorbing and dissipating unprecedented amounts of kinetic energy.  The substance it called “Impact Gel”.  Simply put, Impact Gel has a unique ability to take vertical energy and disperse it horizontally within the gel.

This high impact reduction system minimizes inconsistencies in the fit of your saddle, resulting in a better, even contact and minimized pressure points.  This cross link “Impact Gel” technology developed in NASCAR allows any saddle to have a perfect conforming fit.

Watch this video to see how well Impact Gel works!