Impact Gel Countour XT Lite Felt Saddle Pad with Fleece

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Impact Gel Contour XT Lite Felt Saddle Pad with Fleece

Our NEW XT Lite Gel is perforated throughout the gel insert, creating a lighter, breathable and cooler pad. Combine that with the genuine fleece surface next to your horse and you have an unbeatable combo.

The close-contact design is crafted for maximum fit and comfort. This two-piece technology consists of a contour cut over the spine, cutout at the withers and also under the rigging.  The genuine fleece base layer system creates an even more shock absorbing material that is also moisture wicking and breathable. The new patented, perforated Impact Gel bladder is placed strategically in between to offer your horse a technical layer of "breathable" shock dissipation. Combine all this in the contour shape and your horse will benefit from the Impact Gel technology and custom design.

This Impact Gel Contour XT Lite Felt saddle pad with Fleece comes in a 32" spine and 3/4" thick.  Note: Felt is 3/4" thick then add the thickness of the fleece.  Gives you a nice thick protective pad.

Black or Gray Top Felt Layer

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