Cleaning your Impact Gel Saddle Pad

Posted by Administrator on 2/8/2015 to News
Cleaning Your Impact Gel saddle Pad

We are going to show you a little trick to keeping your Impact saddle Pads nice and clean as well as preserving the longevity of the pad. Not only will your pads look nicer but the surface will stay nice and soft and fibrous to allow for proper moisture wicking and airflow over your horse's back. As you know, the build up of sweat and debris will harden and cause abrasive areas that will saddle sore your horse. Maintaining a clean saddle pad surface will insure the health of your horse's skin and back.

Although you can lightly brush your pad on occasion, we don't recommend the use of a really stiff brush and too much "elbow grease" because you will actually pull the fibers out of the felt and cause the material to break down. We recommend instead the use of a powerful water spray to power rinse the hair, sweat and dirt out of the pad. Yes, you can do that at the car wash!! Always follow up with a really generous oiling of your leather pad areas to condition and preserve the leather. Watch our video and learn our tricks to keeping your pad nice for many years!